November 2011

Belmont Harbor in the foreground and Montrose Harbor in the background on north Lakeshore Drive

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Chicago Belmont and Montrose Harbors Map and Info

Belmont Harbor is located in Lincoln Park with 730 docks. Montrose Harbor is located on the northern edge of Lincoln Park and has 630 docks. Chicago’s lakefront is almost entirely parks and public access facilities. The view from the two harbors gives a good skyline view of Chicago.

The Galloway Belted cows are a rare breed of Scottish beef cattle-also known as Oreo cow.

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Fearrington Village Map

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The Belted Galloway Cows at Fearrington Village Farm are a rare breed of Scottish beef cattle. They were introduced on the farm in 1982 and are there for visitors to view. I have visited the farm several times and am always interested to see the Galloway Belted cows.

Overlooking the historic city of Hermann, Missouri and the Missouri River in the distance.

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German immigrants founded the city of Hermann, Missouri in the 1830’s. It was an area of vineyards and wineries until Prohibition shut down the industry. In the 1960’s it began to be revived by the wine industry. Today there are seven wineries and tourism that mainly support the community to provide one-third of the states wine. Edward Hermann is one who bought land and is considered by many the founder of the town. The goals of the colony were to preserve German culture built around farming, commerce, and industry. However the name came from a Germanic leader Hermann der Cherusker who defeated the Romans in a battle in the year 9. Today there has been formed a historic district made up of approximately 150 historic buildings arranged with quaint views and charms of the earlier time.

The main street entrance to Southern Village and Market Street business circle

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Southern Village is a new southern town with an older town look. Located in a hilly terrain it is a short distance from downtown Chapel Hill and UNC campus. It is a place where you will see bikers and walkers going about with various ethnic backgrounds. Southern Village Market Street is an attractive main street looks for a gathering of peoples in the various house shops, offices, and residences. The village green offers a place for the green market and an evening outdoor theater. Close aligned residences are a new older style look with plenty of shrubs and flowers for a pleasant offering.