September 2012

A scenic view of bluffland along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Wisconsin

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These are scenic views along the Lake Michigan Shoreline from Sheboygan to Grafton, Wisconsin.

This is a typical elevated home built for protection on shores of a hurricane or flooding.

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These panorama photos were taken shortly after Hurricane Isaac went through the New Orleans area. They show views of elevated homes along the Chef Menteur Blvd in Northwest New Orleans from Venetian Isles subdivision (Old Spanish Road) to Greens Ditch (Hwy 433). This area was flooded with 3 to 6 feet of water from Lake Pontchartain on one side and Lake Saint Catherine on the other. All homes were destroyed or damaged from Hurricane Katrina. By building elevated homes the damage has been lessened, but not all homes are elevated protected. The varied design and colors of these elevated homes make for a colorful view and a new experience. Most homeowners have lived in the area for generations, like the living, and often fish or crab for a living, and wouldn’t think of leaving. The area is now being cleaned up from Hurricane Isaac, and also Hurricane Katrina, damage and debris left behind. The flooding in this area is not well known as the main media reported flooded areas from Hurricane Isaac in Slidell and LaPlace, Louisiana

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