This web site is for consideration of panoramic photos of interesting sites and priceless views. Until recently panorama was more for the big screen and expensive equipment. However, with digital images, and photostitching software  panoramic photos can be tiled horizontally, vertically, boxed, 360 degree, and spherical. There’s nothing quite like turning several pieced photo views into an expansive panoramic photo view. I welcome your response to the subjects that arise, or might be presented.

To view a thepanoramapoint site a title is given with a photo or photos for a point of interest, a selectable link is given for viewing the subject panorama photos, some info may be given, and another link may be given for additonal info. After selecting the panoramas link, each page has a panorama view with title explanation above, and another panorama view selection below. Selection continues until returning to the thepanoramapoint home page. Categories or tags may be selected for listing all panorama views that apply. To get out of thepanoramapoint just select or search your own next point of interest on the web. Thanks for looking and any likes or comments.

To view the 360 degree and spherical panoramas on this web site you must have Flash Player 10 or later to run, or have the Flash Player plugin for your browser. Most computers will have this installed.

A few panoramas require the latest version of JAVA (v-8.o update 121 or later) to be viewed. It is recommended to uninstall old versions before installing new versions.

One Response to “About”

  1. Don Anderson Says:

    Yes. Love the pictures.

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