Wehr Nature Center

Sitting on a pier taking in the icy view of Mallard lake in Whitnall Park

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The water fall is located in Wehr Nature Center on Mallard Lake at Whitmall Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Warbler birds, like this Magnolia Warbler, pass through the Milwaukee, WI area for 2 to 7 days each Spring. They are difficult to photograph, because of their flittering flight and small size.

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Each Spring Warbler birds migrate north as a change of the seasons, many pass through the Wehr Nature Center, as it is a favorite site for Warblers. Most of the time the migration is of small groups of Warbler types at various times. This year, 2011, extraordinary larger groupings came through for almost an entire week’s time. The Magnolia Warble, seen above, is typical of the many colorful Warblers that were seen and photographed.

 Since the photos are panoramic photos, you will not be able to see a good instance of a Warbler, because of their flittering flight and smallness of size. But trust me, the Warbler birds were there at the time of the photos. Links will be added later that will show the Warbler photos. It is intended by the panoramic photos to show the Warbler bird watching experience, and the site locations where they were found. Other sites were also found, but not as extraordinary as these shown.

I may add, this is my first time to photograph more than one Warble type in a short time. Cool and sunny days with little wind also helped.

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The duck blind can be seen after the first freeze and snow on Mallard Lake at the Wehr Nature Center.

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After the first freeze and snow, the early morning sunshine sweeps across Mallard Lake at the Wehr Nature Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The air was nippy, the snow and ice were crisp, the geese were gone, and it was bone-chilling quiet in the cold. Everyone sat in their car, with the motor running, as they sipped their hot drink and watched the view. I stood in the cold and took these panoramic views. It only took a moment.

In July there can be seen several varieties of Summer Flowers from the trails.

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